Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 42.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 42. Hangout On Air Video
00:01:40Should I add rel="nofollow" to the sharing link in my blog?5
00:03:18Google not caching for over 14 days.5
00:05:09How much is akismet?
00:08:15Duplicate content on regional websites.1
00:10:44Can we change title descriptions dynamically based on search query?
00:11:43Guest blogging as link scheme and quality guidelines.4
00:16:38How will Google`s focus lately on original content affect companies like PR Web and PR Newswire?
00:18:42Updating an existing website for a client in CMS Made Simple.4
00:20:42Title tags best practices.
00:21:02Why is Google shutting down its Keyword tool?
00:21:37Tim Capper issues warning to Google.
00:24:02Are search quality reviewers picking the wrong winner?
00:35:11How to manage posting process?
00:40:41When does Google cache content?
00:44:15Page dropped from search.
00:47:28Warnings in Google Webmaster tools.5
00:48:49Can a ppc campaign INDIRECTLY affect search rankings?5
00:53:36Duplicate Content Won`t Hurt You, Unless It Is Spammy.
00:56:58For duplicate pages, canonical, index or noindex?
01:00:36What is the seo platform called brightedge?
01:03:45I need help regarding robots.txt file.
01:06:05Which is better in terms of SEO ranking by Google, slash or dash?4
01:15:48How to use Google Analytics and GWMT to discover poorly performing pages?
01:21:30What does Page Rank Zero mean?
01:22:53Rumours of the death of SEO might be premature.4
01:28:27Post on Search Engine Journal
01:38:45Could PLAs become the new PPC?1.5
01:40:58What is the best language to create website with?
01:42:37Is there a way to merge a Google Plus page and Google Local page?
01:45:28How to find when a page was indexed by Google?
01:47:48Suggestions for dealing with Penguin and site-wide links.
01:52:20Do subdomains bring any value to SEO performance?
01:55:45How to implement mobile in our strategy?4.5
02:02:02I want to use feedburner instead of mailchimp.
02:06:28How many backlinks per month are considered unnatural.
02:48:55What happens when you link a rel=author tag to a site you contribute to?
02:55:50Do with 301 redirects pass on a penalty?5