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When does Google cache content?

hi everyone, I am new to this community so its hard to say anything, but I just heard that google was not caching  the content from last 3 days.

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  • Jim Munro: Welcome Fatih. :)<br /><br />At first I thought this was an odd question but then I checked the cache for microsoft, yahoo, google, amazon, twitter, FB etc and found the caches recorded were all between three and ten days old. I have no idea what this means though, mate, I am not an expert but let&#39;s wait and see what others have to say. ;
  • Fatih Ahmad: thank you Jim,  ;yeah, this is why I have posted this question here and look like there is no one out there who can throw some more light on this, or can tell us some more details, ;
  • FinancingUSA: Seen this before - these if you don&#39;t like the changes being made with Google search...... just wait five minutes.
  • Fatih Ahmad: its not that we dont like to see the changes in the google search, just was wondering what are the updates that are being done, what will be the impact of those on seo, and other search results ;
  • Lori Eldridge: PR (page rank) determines cache frequency as well as how often you update your site.
  • Fatih Ahmad: I agree Lori, and I am aware of this factor, but if you check the comments by Jim Munro you can see that google even don&#39;t cached those  ;websites  ;that have not only high page rank and even being updated very frequently like facebook, ;

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