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What is the best language to create website with?

HELLO TO ALL I NEED HELP , , What best language for writer website ( php - html ) ?
Another question : can i add metatags codes for php pages ?
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  • Tony McCreath: All websites are in html. Php is a programing language you can use to dynamically create html.
  • Dave Elliott: it doesn't matter. If your favourite cms is written in php or aspx or whatever then that is the best language(other than tony's point above)
  • MOMO BOKA: thanx +Bhupendra Rathore ;+Tony McCreath ;+Dave Elliott ;
  • Kirk Fletcher: There are many languages you can learn to build/generate a website, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Before thinking about PHP or the like I would recommend first learn how to build a solid HTML static website. maybe even start with HTML 5, this will give you the perfect grounding to start thinking about dynamically built sites (the kind using PHP will provide) absolutely the best place to start is www.w3schools.com but remember you will have to first get a solid grasp if HTML. Hope this helps :-)
  • Jaren Vitale: Thanks Kirk for solid make sense advice.
  • Justin Y: +Tony McCreath
    where's the easy button? :)
  • Tony McCreath: +Justin Y I can create one in css for you. Just $5 ;-) 

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