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How to find when a page was indexed by Google?

Do any of you know how to find out when a certain page got indexed by Google? I`m trying to cross check and verify the accuracy of a site I`m want to reference as a resource. I just don`t know how old the information is since they didn`t put a posted date.
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  • Tony McCreath: You can check the age of pages via the "way back machine".

    p.s. people can put any date as the posted date, so don't fully trust that.
  • Dave Elliott: have a look at their sitemap.xml to see if there is a last modified date on it. But, if its an article/blog/whatever then sending them an email might be the most reliable way, might also find out where they got thier original reference from! Will also help with outreach and who knows when you have done your article they may even, give you some advertising!
  • Peter K. Lam: Thanks for the tips. I can try both these and see what happens.

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