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Besides the great point made by Randy I am reading that Google+ and authorship are now a factor for Panda?

- Why would Google+ be an factor for Panda? As far as I know Panda many focus on on-site stuff.
- Why would authorship markup be a factor for Panda? As far as I know authorship hasn`t have any affect on any algo. ================= It`s Official!  Use Google Plus and you will be rewarded in Google search results
In this post at SearchEngineJournal,  +Adam Morgan has declared (actually, regurgitated, incorrectly), with absolutely zero evidence or data, that if you use Google Plus your site will be rewarded by Google!   It`s on the internet, so it must be true!  Or, one of the most irresponsible and misguided things anyone as ever posted in the history of the internet (although, I have no data to support that statement, but who cares, it`s the internet!)....
You can see the post here:
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+Mark Traphagen were you aware of these sweeping changes?

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  • Russell Slater: Have another look at this post +W.E. Jonk and you will see that a massive disclaimer has now been added to the 'rewarded' comment
  • Adam Kelly: Google+ is definitely going to impact search rankings more in the future!

    Social Media is a HUGE part of the entire online sphere these days and of course Google will 'reward' users of its own social network.

    The real question is... How can businesses maximize their impact on Google+ to improve search engine rankings?

    Great content of course!

    Thanks for the information and insights in the workings of Google+
  • Rob Wagner: The post is being edited so it has changed and disclaimers have been added. ;

    I find it irritating that comments that had been made on the post never showed up and as much as I would like to review the information that has been laid out in the bullet points there are no links pointing to the sources.

    For example: "The rankings of informational sites such as Wikipedia and About.com have been heavily impacted." I would like to see a link there so that I can review that claim. ;

    This point "Increase in impressions but same amount of CTR’s (Log into your Google Webmaster’s Tools for this information)" seems like was taken form a discussion somewhere on the internet that I would like to read more about.

    I find that there is only one link to a source. It's not just SEJ doing this. A lot of sites especially news site seem to link to other pages on their site but not to the original source.  ; ;
  • Rand Wilson: The author was just plain wrong, and basing his 'facts' on "chatter" by webmasters mentioned in another post..
    Just another way that SEO's are giving SEO's a bad name.. After the uproar, they updated/changed the article as +Rob Wagner ;mentioned.
  • W.E. Jonk: I think the author does have a premium or I missed it or I banned it out of my memory because he did link Google+ to Panda. Plus one for being original... <sarcastic>

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