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Can we change title descriptions dynamically based on search query?

can we change title descriptions dynamically based on search query happen in Google.? if i did like that can i get more presence in SERP`s?
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  • Federico Sasso: Krishna, that's not the way Google works.
    Google search crawler visits your pages independently sometimes every while, and that's the content Google sees.
    When a user types in the query your page has already been indexed
  • Shailaja Ramani: Hi +Krishna No, that won't help you coz the title and descriptions should be written based on the content with that particular page. If it does not relate with that then Google will find its own title and descriptions from the content. So changing the title and descriptions dynamically won’t work
  • Krishna Chaitanya: I agree with your points. i have seen a site, (main results url is same) but title and descriptions are changing based on search query happens in Google.
     ;EX: if i search with online bus tickets in Hyderabad, one of the site getting in serp's  ;like URL: doamin.com/bus-india and title: online bus tickets in Hyderabad Desc: Online bus tickets in Hyderabad with cheap rates and other stuffl..  ;I gone with some other keywords ( online bus tickets in Goa) i got same url ( domain.com/bus-india) but title is differs online bus tickets in Goa Dec: online bus tickets in Goa with cheap rates, like that, not only for a single keywords, i search with N number of keywords, and more over the search results also differs from one to another, One more thing, based on search query( hyderbad) the URL is redirecting to domain.com/bus-india to doamin.com/bus-india/hyderabad-bus-ticket.html. , , ,That is happening in one of famous site, (make my trip),. . I just want to know how can i implement those function to my site (etravelsmart.com/bus) where we are going to give same services in near future
     ; ;
  • Shailaja Ramani: Hi +Krishna nice observation about the website, but you're overlooking a major point here. The url you have seen in the search result is a breadcrumb placed in that related page. That is why you are getting different URL redirection with their respective title and Meta descriptions related to the keywords you're searching for.
    EX: you’re searching for ‘online bus tickets in Hyderabad’ OR ‘online bus tickets in Goa’ the URL in search result is same ‘domain.com › Bus in India’ this is breadcrumb. When you click, it redirects to the goa OR the Hyderabad page. I hope this will help you

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