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Dumb SEO Questions is a weekly Hangout on Air, a conversation with some of the world's leading SEO's

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Edwin JonkDave ElliottDan PetrovicJim MunroDavid  RosamArthur RadulescuMicah Fisher KirshnerBob JonesMehar BhagatTim CapperAlistair LattimoreMasatake Wasa


Married to Claire and we have two beautiful children named Hugo and Evie.

Alistair Lattimore

Freelance Web Designer / Developer / Graphic Designer. A household full of women caused my hair loss, but I love my two daughters and wife!

Andy Wigglesworth

He is an SEO Specialist working for Gabriels Technology Solutions.

He is based in Brasov, Romania.

Arthur Radulescu

PROFILE: Bob Jones

SEJ contributor | Digital Architect | Entrepreneur. Seen in MOZ, Search Engine Journal, HuffPo

Bob Jones

PROFILE: Dan Petrovic

Owner and director of Australian search engine optimisation company - Dejan SEO. In my spare time I enjoy assisting webmasters with SEO related questions, discussing hot topics and sharing knowledge. Apart from my professional life I am a big fan of science, technology, futurism, education, arts and music.

Dan Petrovic

PROFILE: Daniel Nugraha

Time Traveler

Daniel Nugraha

PROFILE: Dave Elliott

SEO Specialist & Web Developer

Dave Elliott

PROFILE: David  Rosam

Specialist in Online Marketing

David  Rosam

PROFILE: Edwin Jonk

Based in the Netherlands, W.E Jonk specialises in on-page SEO for small to medium enterprises (SME). Each week, W.E.Jonk painstakingly records the cue times of our weekly Hangouts On Air so that you can easily find the question you are looking for.

Edwin Jonk

PROFILE: Jim Munro

Married to Angela, (30yrs) and father of three adult sons, James, Blair and Elliot. My role is to be wrong. Managing Director, ShopSafe Pty Ltd ATF The ShopSafe Trust.

Jim Munro

PROFILE: Masatake Wasa

"Top Contributor" in the AdSense Forum. owner of www.wasaweb.net

Masatake Wasa

PROFILE: Mehar Bhagat

Hardcore Entrepreneur, Open Networking, Creative at Idea / Innovation, HR Roots, Corporate Trainer, Loves Consulting, Social Media.

Mehar Bhagat

Micah Fisher Kirshner is a Senior SEO Manager at Zendesk in San Francisco, California.


Micah Fisher Kirshner

PROFILE: Richard Hearne

Often found in Phuket Thailand where the sea is blue, the sky is clear, and the sun is strong.

Richard Hearne


Rob Maas is founder and senior consultant of MarketBizz NL. Rob has been active since 1985 in Marketing and Communications. He is a leading SEO in the Netherlands today as well as a Top Contributor on the Google Dutch Webmaster Help Forum and regular weekly contributor on Dumb SEO Questions.

Rob Maas

PROFILE: Tim Capper

Results Driven SEO and Google+ SEO, dedicated to ethical SEO. Research, Implement and continual testing. Director at Online Ownership.

OnlineOwnership.com | +44 (0) 1536 269 657

Tim Capper

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