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Which is better in terms of SEO ranking by Google, slash or dash?

Hi, it`s my first time asking question in this community. I`m just curious about using slash sign ( / ) versus dash sign ( - ) in our SEO link url.  Which one better in terms of SEO ranking by Google?

I have been bench marking with these 2 websites (Savored and Yelp) as per below:

Savored: https://savored.com/miami/shulas-steak-house/ Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/gary-danko-san-francisco

So, which one better?  Thank you :)
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  • Collin Davis: Hi Aditya, slash is used for showing separation of categories while dash is used to differentiate between two separate words.
  • Federico Sasso: Search engines treat both - and / as token/word separators. Nevertheless, using slashes as word separators is somewhat weird; expect users attempting to browse the "virtual" directories in the path to find categories; also, an URL with too many directories could be seen as too deep to be perceived as important in a site, both by a user's and maybe by a search engine stand point.
  • Ivan Aditya: Wow, totally fast response.  ;Any rules what's the maximum of slashes you can have in an url?
  • Federico Sasso: > Any rules what's the maximum of slashes you can have in an url?
    Not really. After all, they are valid URLs according to the specs. I said could because I remember no evidence directory dept could somehow penalize your SEO efforts; normally search engines are more sensible to "link depth". Anyway, a general rule of thumb you normally see is "no more than 3-4", but that's more for human beings usability.
  • Ivan Aditya: So, basically it's a two different purposes and will not affect the SEO?
  • Federico Sasso: I don't love absolute statements, but yes, basically yes.
    If I were you, I would go for the dash for word separation and use slash/directories only when it makes sense for categorization, as +Collin Davis ;pointed out.
  • Tony McCreath: Google does have a patent related to directories and categorising pages. So catogorising pages via directory structures may have some benefit. Probably not directly to ranking but in helping Google work out associations. 

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