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Why Google webmaster is not indexing all my website pages?

why Google webmaster is not indexing all my website pages , as i have submitted 43 pages of my website,  but it has indexed only 41 pages , but i don`t know why he has not indexed these two, any have faced these problem and get rid of it please let me know the steps

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  • Jim Munro: Rahul's site is www.neotericuk (dot) co.uk ;

    Thank you, +rahul setia ;:)
  • rahul setia: yes +Jim Munro ;
     ;are you sending mail to google for to banned my website :)
  • Omar Mossadek: +rahul, I have not checked your site (I'm mobile), but Google does not always keep all pages in its index. There may be nothing wrong with those pages other than thin or 'low quality' content. If they are important pages you should audit the content and promote some links to it. If those 2 solutions do not resolve it, then further steps should be considered.
  • rahul setia: what are these further steps +Omar Mossadek ;
  • Omar Mossadek: It depends.
    The recommendation to make sure that the content on those 2 pages are both quality and unique along with a couple of links pointing to the pages from regularly visited pages by Googlebot, should do it. ;Unless there are deeper problems, which is less likely, as it is only 2 pages that are not being indexed.

    So long as you have enough links (Juice) flowing to your site, all pages, if unique and quality, should get indexed. The more pages you need to have indexed, the more links you need to have pointing in to your site; ideally to the pages themselves you wish to be indexed.
  • Omar Mossadek: Don't forget to make sure that the 2 pages you want to have indexed are not only linked to from other websites, but that the pages in question are no more than 2 or 3 clicks away from your home page either.
  • Justin Y: +rahul setia check for any bad links that live on the two pages in question. I have seen in the past where Google has decided not to index certain pages due to broken links that lead to dozens of 404s. If that's not the issue it could be the quality/uniqueness. I haven't checked your site, this is just a suggestion on what to look for. 
  • rahul setia: +Justin Y ;http://www.neotericuk.co.uk URL please see and tell me the suggestions
  • S?awomir Zdunek: If you have spoted the pages missing in the index I would submit them directly through Google Webmaster Tools by Fetch as Google. I guess the orphan pages can have some problems with getting to the index. If you have accidentaly put noindex tag on them it could also prevent them from appearing in the index. The pages could have been blocked by robots.txt file. ;

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