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Does it really matter where the host server is these days?

I remember a long time ago that someone said we should try and have our hosting on a server in the same country as we are trying to run the site in. However I`m debating getting a reseller account from A2, but they only have 4 main server hubs, one of which is Singapore which is the closest to Australia (which is where most of my sites are focused). Does it really matter where the host server is these days? A2 seems really fast which seems more important anyway? Thoughts?
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  • Christian Jordens: Of course yes, the nearest location will make your site run faster. But, it also depends on your server specs. If your provider overload the server, your site will be working slowly too. Just find trustworthy provider for your site.
  • Rudy Labordus: Sorry I should have been more clear. This was a question relating to the impact of SEO if you have your server not in the same country. Some used to say that if your server is not in the same country, you may lose ranking. But this was some years ago now so it may not be an issue anymore.
  • Nitin Jaswani: Rudy Labordus As It is seen a lot of times that website load speed makes a difference. Your bounce rate increases, which itself is a singal to Google to not consider your website to show to masses. In short, your site can perform much better in terms of traffic if load time is lower.
  • Rudy Labordus: Nitin Jaswani thank you for our reply. My question was more relating to the SEO value of having a site hosted on a server in your target location or whether that part really doesn`t matter anymore.
  • Helmut Berié: Rudy Labordus i think you are quite clear with your question. I just don`t believe someone will know beyond doubt. I think it is fair to say that "it should not make a difference" (ignoring distance, hosting, ... ). I don`t believe G cares about physical location. It cares about experience.It is likely that some people have run tests but the big question is whether or not the only difference really was the location of the websites

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