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What does Page Rank Zero mean?

What does actually  PR(Page Rank) 0 means?????
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  • Martino Mosna: actually, 0 = 0,49 or less
  • natraj seo: PR=0 actually it means if new domain and existing domain does not have proper backlinks or inner links and quality content, defaultly Google gives 0 PR.  ;Based on your activity which i mention above will helps to increase page rank in future....
  • Tony McCreath: This is the toolbar pagerank which is an infrequently updated rough score based on the true PageRank result used in the algorythms.

    A new website page has no pagerank. Once it's been evaluated it gets a score from 0 to 10 which is a exponential scale where 10 is the highest.

    Page rank is based on links to a page and the PR they have. A PR of zero means you don't have many.
  • Best Little Promohouse in Texas: How long does it take a new website to be evaluated for pagerank ?
  • Tony McCreath: Generally you have to wait till the next update which can be 6 months but I have seen the odd new site show a ranking between updates.
  • natraj seo: Hi +Best Little Promohouse in Texas,

    As per the discussion above, Based on your quality content, quality backilnks, customer engagement , inner links with anchor, txt e.t.c., there are lost of activity to increase page rank.
  • Tony McCreath: +natraj seo ;PageRank is purely based on links. All the other things you mentioned have no relevance.


    PageRank is only one of the many factors Google uses to determine what makes it into a particular search results. And the Toolbar PageRank we see is a very rough and out of date estimate to that.

    Don't chase Toolbar ;PageRank. Just use it as an excuse for a celebration if it goes up. Chase the true goals for your website: traffic, leads, sales, subscriptions, MONEY.

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