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How much is akismet?

How much is akismet?
Common knowledge is that akismet is the best plugin to use with wordpress to eliminate comment spam. It must be good because it comes already installed when you get started with wordpress.

What costs are involved in using it though because it must be quite expensive to run. That must mean they are running advertising or monitoring your site to sell data a or something like that.

What are your thoughts and opinions?
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  • Micah Fisher-Kirshner: It's free for non-commercial use, but never looked at their ToS.

    My guess is it's free for non-commercial use in order to improve their data pool as only collecting data from paid customers would be too small to be useful to detect spam.
  • Ian Dixon: I hadnt thought of it as a way for them to get their research on what might be spam done for free +Micah Fisher-Kirshner ;so a very good point on their thinking
  • Lori Eldridge: I use Akismet on WordPress and the $5.00 per month is worth it's weight in Gold because it stops about 3,000 spam per month. I don't even need to deal with it as it handles it all.
  • Justin Y: It's good, it's free like +Micah Fisher-Kirshner mentioned but I don't think it's full proof.
  • Ian Dixon: Akismet is a computer program so it is far from foolproof and will produce false positives so agreed on that one +Justin Y ;
    However it is not free for most uses. To quote from their page
    'If your site is for a business or if it promotes a product or service, you should pick from one of our paid account options.'
    That means a minimum of $5/m per site for a low traffic level
  • Justin Y: +Ian Dixon yeh I know and five bucks here and 5 bucks there adds up real quick, which is why use other resources to protect my sites from spam. 

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