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Updating an existing website for a client in CMS Made Simple.

2 Part Question:
?I am updating an existing website for a client in CMS Made Simple, a system I don’t know. I asked the person who created the site how to change the title on the page to an H1 and use a title for the page so the title tag is independent of the page’s visible headline. 

Question 1: Is his response (below) correct??
?“It`s considered bad practice to serve different content to Google than you serve to users. It`s classed as spamming by google and can be penalised. 

You can include meta data on the page which is not seen by the user but generally that isn`t valued much by google...”

Question 2: In CMS Made Simple, how do I separate the title tag and the page’s visible headline? I know it’s supposed to be “simple” but I’m more on the Marketing side of things, less on the technical! 

Thanks, I’d appreciate ANY help! 

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  • Tony McCreath: The user sees the title via the search snippet, social shares and the browsers tab. So the user sees what google sees.<br /><br />Meta data is used by google and other systems to gather more info on the content. It&#39;s value depends on what it is. E.g. a meta description can be seen in search results, og meta data is used by facebook, but the meta keywords is ignored by most.<br /><br />I think your clients statements are a miss understanding and mixing of facts that lead them to an invalid conclusion.<br /><br />Specifically writing the title tag to suit googles serps is a good move. 
  • Janine Dalton: Thanks Tony. I think you&#39;re right on that - and perhaps I wasn&#39;t clear enough in my email to this person.<br /><br />Thanks again for your input!<br />Janine
  • Phil Buckley: I think is right, developer probably misunderstood your real question about titles and H1&#39;s. <br /><br />I regularly advise clients to use a title tag that can stand without context (like in a Google search result page) while using an H1 on the page to reinforce the title, but phrased differently. <br /><br />For example: title = Raleigh Christmas Parade 2013<br />Headline/H1 = Raleigh&#39;s Winter Festivities Start With Santa&#39;s Big Entrance Today. <br /><br />Both are keyword rich, but the title is clear and easily found for the most common searches. When the visitor clicks thought, it&#39;s obvious they&#39;re in the right place. <br /><br />For better CTR worry about a powerful meta description that compels users to click. Meta keywords are optional. 
  • Janine Dalton:  ;- that makes sense. Not only do you reinforce the keywords (which really is just summarizing the page&#39;s content) but even more important, you provide an experience that makes sense for the visitor.
  • Janine Dalton: Okay, it&#39;s solved! Developer had misunderstood, but once we were clear he fixed it. Thx for the feedback everyone.

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