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Could PLAs become the new PPC?

Been seeing a lot of activity regarding PLAs recently.  Some big names are beginning to invest time and effort in PLAs and at the same time reduce PPC spend.  Could PLAs become the new PPC?
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  • Jaren Vitale: Great question. Waiting for answers with you. Thx.
  • Dave Elliott: No, because not everyone who runs a traditional ppc campaign has a physical product to sell on their site.  ;That and of course PLA's are PPC!
  • Matt Raynes: So you don't maybe see how PPC ads may change, become more visual perhaps or PLAs combine with PPC ads in other ways regarding metric measurements relating to a quality score? ; I kinda know they'll not replace them entirely but could a comprise occur that may affect serp layout?
  • Dave Elliott: pla's are already quality scored aren't they? I doubt normal ppc adds will become more visual without the organic results also becoming a lot more visul, who knows they maybe with open graph type stuff, it will happen, but it will start looking very cluttered if there is a logo/image next to every result!

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