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How many backlinks per month are considered unnatural.

My SEO Adviser advised...

From a Search Engine`s perspective, if you build more than 40 back-links per month, they are considered `unnatural & artificial` links. This may have negative impact on your website performance..

Is this really true ??

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  • Martino Mosna: This is certainly true if the links <b>are actually artificial</b>... (of course this could happen even if the unnatural links are 39, numbers don&#39;t really matter...)
  • Matt Raynes: Depends on how the links are built. ; If ethical outreach methods are used you could generate far more than 40 a month and it could be construed as completely natural. ; Exact match anchor text on similar subnets will prick the search engines ears up.
  • Neil Modi: Yes it is but if you get such backlinks naturally than it will not considered as  ;spam. I would suggest to built natural links ;
  • Bhupendra Rathore: Did you mean i can build more than 40 Back-links if this are natural links/Quality links??
  • Martino Mosna: &quot;build&quot; and &quot;natural&quot; don&#39;t go together very well but yes: if you succeed at gaining more than 40 natural links / month you&#39;re doing good indeed...
  • Dave Elliott: if its 40 blog comments and forum links and rubbish web directories then yeah,(although i&#39;ve never heard of a number or % being definitive), if they are genuinely useful links from genuinely useful sites then you can add as many as you want.
  • Neil Modi:  ;exactly !!! just keep in mind links should be natural ,should not based repetitive keywords also backlinks are required from quality places.
  • Subhash Chandra:  ;agree with you...if you build links from authority sites and in a natural way, then it is good.
  • Amahl Majack: I would agree with that assessment. More than 40 links/month would certainly be hard to gain naturally unless a piece of content went viral. Plus, as says, backlinks need to come from quality sources. If you&#39;re building 40/month, I&#39;d take a second look at the sites. And from my experience, Page Rank isn&#39;t necessarily a reliable measure of quality anymore.

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