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Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday, June 20, 2024


What is DSQ-Ranker (DR)?

DSQ-Ranker is a tool that helps you to find the best-rated answers and make finding the information you want easier.

DSQ-Ranker is built around a DR Overall Score which provides a rank for each answer and a weighted score that actually means something.

How do you calculate the DR Overall Score?

The score is calculated from a number of weighted values taken from both user comments, user 1`s, user Quick Ranks and ratings from the members of our expert panel.

Our programmers have spent countless hours fine-tuning the DR Overall Score algorithm until finally settling on a formula that generates a meaningful score for every answer.

What is a Quick Rank?

A Quick Rank is a way for you to quickly vote on an answer without having to provide any other information.

When should I have a Quick Rank?

Whenever you want!

You can have a Quick Rank even if you haven`t seen the answer yet - use it to simply show how pleased or disappointed you are that the answer is there.

Quick Ranks don`t carry as much weight in the YR Overall Score as a user review but it all adds up and could help put your favourite answer on the Leaderboard!

When should I write a comment?

Whenever you want, it`s none of our business. :)

We think comments and 1`s are more valuable than Quick Ranks so we weight them heavier when we calculate the DR Overall Score.

Can I write help articles for your site?

No promises but we`d like to see whatever you want to send us.

If you`ve got a passion for SEO and your fellow man and love to write informative and original articles, then we would very much like to hear from you! PM Dumb SEO Questions on G

Why don`t you have the answers I want and how can I ask a new question?

Ask new questions on the Dumb SEO Questions community on Google .

Click the link at the bottom-right of this page to reach the community.

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