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How to use Google Analytics and GWMT to discover poorly performing pages?

Hello number one SEO community. It`s high time for my next dumb SEO question. Right now I am in the process of cleaning up one of my websites. I`m using the data from Google Analytics and GWT to discover poorly performing pages to take some action on them.
What specific parameters would you advise me to take into account?
I don`t want to shoot myself in the foot deleting the pages which could bring some more traffic in the future. Thanks for the answers.
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  • Collin Davis: In case you are looking to delete those pages, just check if they are being linked from elsewhere on the web. If so, then decide if redirection would be the more preferable thing to do
  • S?awomir Zdunek: +Collin Davis ;That's a very good point. I think that the pages with hardly any traffic and at the very bottom of SERPs are very unlikely to attract any backlinks. I'm going to delete them and I hope it is going to affect the overall value of the website.

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