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What is the seo platform called brightedge?

Anypne know anything about an seo platform called brightedge? thoughts, reviews, would be appreciated!
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  • Rob Wagner: +Alistair Lattimore ;and I talked about this last week, he knows a lot more about it than I do. I plan on taking a closer look at this next month. It seems like its a fairly good program. ;
  • Alistair Lattimore: I haven't used it yet Dave but I did a product tour with one of the BrightEdge team, it is very impressive in my opinion.
  • Richard Hearne: One of my clients uses it.  ;I've only used it so far to view reports, but it seems to be quite elaborate. You can do things like import conversion data and other metrics to help you see real keyword performance. Interface is quite good, and I believe it has a lot of analysis options (which I haven't looked at yet). I'm getting a walk through of the service later today by someone who knows more than me, and I'll post back when I have more details on what it can do.
  • Dave Elliott: sounds like they are pushing hard then, they are trying to get me to schedule a product demo! Keep me posted, i'm slightly intrigued.
  • Alistair Lattimore: They also have link graph data from several sources, let you cut/shunt metrics every which way from Sunday to understand why a given URL might rank.

    From memory they are crawling or getting access to some 500M keywords via organic, so you can find out who is getting traffic for what sorts of phrases.

    It provides task management, in that I could setup accounts for everyone in a marketing team and begin delegating tasks identified by BrightEdge or myself to be completed. You don't need to login to check the tasks are complete, it'll remain incomplete until BrightEdge crawls the page again & determines that it has been updated satisfactorily.

    Without having actually used it on a project yet, from what I've seen of it so far on a product walk through and chatting with them for an hour or two -- it looks to be a weapon.
  • Richard Hearne: I did take a brief look at the on-page recommendations, but as with virtually all automated audit tools found them almost depressing. That aside, I still think it's a useful tool.

    Does anyone know pricing?  ;Or is it one of those "if you have to ask..." apps?
  • Alistair Lattimore: I got pricing for it but at enterprise scale, so it probably isn't useful for this discussion but it was tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Dave Elliott: depends on what you count as enterprise, I'm currently on 9 regular clients + two internal sites., monitoring about 900 keywords and umm not sure about number of pages being done, but lots.
  • Alistair Lattimore: I should have put some context around that, I was inquiring about 100+ websites.
  • Rob Wagner: I requested a demo, will let you know how it goes.  ;
  • Dave Elliott: ahh, that is a lot more enterprise than me :(
  • Richard Hearne: But wait +Alistair Lattimore, why would you possibly need more than 20 websites?  ;You must be an evil spammer ;-)
  • Dave Elliott: THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT DUMB SEO QUESTIONS! Just had another call offering a demo of an enterprise level SEO platform.  ;I think it's fair to say this group is starting to gain a bit of exposure.
  • Rob Wagner: Interesting, could just be a coincidence. ;
  • Dave Elliott: nope, asked how they got my number and they said a colleague saw i was discussing these things on g+.(well he said linkedin but i do nothing on there at the minute, so must have been here) so passed my details on.
  • Rob Wagner: Wow I guess some companies are paying attention.
  • Kirk Fletcher: In my opinion moz.com will offer you everything you will ever need (as soon as the analytics platform is launched anyway) and at a level that brightedge and others simply will not ever be able to compete with!!
  • Dave Elliott: tis what we are using at the moment
  • Alistair Lattimore: Sorry, I forget to mention that I'm a dirty dirty spammer +Richard Hearne ;- it always seems to go by the wayside when introducing myself!

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