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I want to use feedburner instead of mailchimp.

I want to use feedburner instead of mailchimp to send my daily email newsletter. But i have 50 subscribers that i don`t want to lose. 
How can i send my newsletter with feedburner to subscribers that have confirmed their emails with mailchimp??

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  • Dave Elliott: almost entirely sure there is no way to import a list into feedburner. Just send out an email from mail chimp asking them to resubscribe via feedburner and have both running together for a while, until most have moved over.<br /><br />Don&#39;t think i have ever heard of anyone moving that way round though!
  • Vipul Jain: This might lose some of the subscribers
  • Vipul Jain:  ;what you suggest i should use Feedburner or Mailchimp ;
  • Dave Elliott: i&#39;d always use mailchimp over something like feedburner
  • Michael W. Roberts: Feedburner is on its way out, too. I&#39;d hate to load more information into a system that could disappear any day now.
  • Lisa Fausey: Stick with the chimp! 
  • Vipul Jain: I just want to send my latest post(RSS summary) via email and the changes made by Google in latest gmail inbox sends my mails directly into Promotions tab.<br />still you think i should use chimp..

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