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How to manage posting process?

Hi I am a bit confused.  I am trying to sort out the linking sequence for my website, blogger account, Facebook, Twitter, Google + personal & business page.
When my webmaster set up my website, he also created a gmail account for me - let`s just call it webguy@gmail.  He didn`t know that I already had my own Google + profile and at that stage I wasn`t really up to speed with SEO (I am still not but I think I am starting to get there!) so I thought I would set up a Blogger account using the webguy@gmail profile.
Currently my system goes something like: write & publish blog/article on my wordpress website.  Copy blog to webguy@gmail Blogger account then share to my personal Google + account, Facebook & Twitter.  It occured to me recently as I set up my Google + page for business that perhaps I should be using a Blogger account linked to my Google + account and get rid of the webguy@gmail account altogether. Is this correct? I have a Blogger account set up with my Google + profile, so if I used this would the Blogs go to my Google + personal page and my business page or do I have to share to my business page?
Should I even be copying my blogs from my website to a blogger account - is it better just to publish from my website and share to Google + from there?
Are you confused too?

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  • Masatake Wasa: I think there are a few separate issues, and I&#39;d like to comment on two.<br /><br />1) I cannot see any reason why you are making a Blogger blog, which is a duplicate of the WP site. Why? You can use rel=&quot;author&quot; and rel=&quot;publisher&quot; for the WP site to link it to the Google+ landscape.<br /><br />2) In order to maintain a Google+ page, you require an active personal Google+ profile. If the Google+ profile that owns the Google+ page is deleted, the Google+ page will also be deleted.
  • Yasser Mohamed: Thank you Masatake, I have already set up authorship so you are of course quite right, I don&#39;t need to do the Blogger Blog as well as the wordpress one - that was what I realised but I just wanted some confirmation. ; Greatly appreciate your help.<br /><br />I have 2 different Google + profiles - one I set up authorship on and I use for everything google and the other one I never use - it was set up by the web designer - I guess I am asking if I should delete the second unused one to avoid confusion?
  • June M: Yes I would suggest centralizing your profile. But before you do, examine the language on the about, connections made in the set ups and integrations with other services that this &quot;not used&quot; account has. ; Your &quot;designer&quot; may have set up your system because they were unaware of your existing g+ presence. ; ;<br /><br />RE Blogger: if you continue to use that, I would suggest that you post unique content there vs. duplicate posting. Somthing like a synopsis of your more in-depth on your website (owned) content that then refers to your main website.
  • Yasser Mohamed: Thanks June, good point - I have just changed google analytics from the non used profile to the one I am using. ; But I probably should check what else he set up there before I delete it.<br />Yes, it just dawned on me that it might be duplicate content, but I like your idea of using Blogger as a place to put a synopsis of my blog.<br />Great advice, thanks!
  • June M: Your welcome Yasser..
  • Justin Y: I agree with about centralizing things. Also you can publish to blogger like you&#39;re referring too but personally I&#39;d keep the posts short and rewrite them to be unique so they&#39;re not duplicate if you decide to do so. I don&#39;t think it&#39;ll hurt but it&#39;s probably going to best to focus on building the content within your main site only and sharing it from there.
  • Yasser Mohamed: Thanks Justin, really good advice. I appreciate it - I will rewrite my Blogger posts and I think it will be much less confusing if I just focus on building content on my website.

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