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Page dropped from search.

Hello Guys

I have a website queensquaregammaknifedotcom and doing SEO work from 4 months, it has keywords: gamma knife, radiosurgery and brain tumor. till last month its index page was placed on 1st page of google uk by 2 keywords. but now by radiosurgery keyword index page not appearing on any result page of Google. a new page has placed.i have checked this is not an issue of penguin update. no issue in webmaster tool. the page is running live as at is.where my index page have gone?can anyone help me what happened to index page of my website?
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  • Jim Munro: Hi Lucky, you are welcome here but links are not. Please edit to disable the links using spaces instead of dots.
  • Lucky kashyap: thanks Jim, ; i edited
  • Andrei Gherghel: There was a panda update last week. When did your paged disappeared from the serps ?
  • Tim Capper: gamma knife appearing page 1 ?

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