Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 55

2013-10-24 00:00:00

" SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 55 Hangout On Air Video
00:02:40 How to deal with 404 errors in GWMT? 0
00:05:34 Does anyone know how to sell guest post and backlinks? 0
00:07:58 Which is better - spyglass or ahrefs? 0
00:11:42 What would the best practices for SEO optimization of one-page, scrolling websites? 0
00:17:25 Why is the older site ranking before the newer and better site? 0
00:25:28 Does google places rank for a specific keyword affect website in organic search? 0
00:29:27 How to use the new Google Keyword Planner Tool. 0
00:36:24 How to set query parameter when setting up site search? 0
00:39:03 Duplicate Content Question. 0
00:44:01 Can Google Tag Manager help with the loss of keyword data? 0
01:33:17 Some of our sites are affected by latest penguin update. 0
01:40:09 What would be a normal percentage for a website in Google Web Master Tools for impressions/clicks? 0
01:40:17 Please help me to list all of the false claims made in this article. 0
01:50:59 How often do you conduct a survey to see if your business is going in the right direction? 0
01:54:00 How to protect my content? 0
02:01:30 Should domains be abandoned after Panda/Penguin penalties? 0
02:10:12 Should I be concerned about PR? 0
02:11:37 Treatment of Negative SEO enquiries on GWMF. 0
02:43:43 Have you used the Disavow links tool from Google? 0
02:46:27 How to tell Googlebot that www and non-www are the same site and no link juice is lost? 0
02:47:38 How to judge whether the backlinks pointing to your site are good or spam? 0
02:49:52 Can an optimised landing page do well without good off-site SEO? 0
02:51:17 My Google Places listing is suddenly showing "This is an unverified listing" 0
02:54:51 What is the life cycle of SEO? 0
02:56:33 Optimising page speed. 0
02:58:39 What is best - Links or social signals? 0
03:00:20 Can subdomains harm my site in SEO? 0
03:08:15 Do I really need to submit to any directories? 0
03:09:31 I added my credentials (, lmt) and now my profile picture is no longer being displayed. 0
03:12:30 Can anyone give me a review on Link Detox. Is it worth the money? 0
03:14:02 One of my websites is not ranking for the brand name. 0
03:15:08 Why is the official site of the product outranked by many fake sites? 0
03:19:28 I am having trouble understanding citation flow versus trust flow. 0
03:20:29 Do you have any idea why our website is not ranking for our main keyword? 0
03:29:27 What seo metrics do you measure? 0
03:29:48 What are the most effective tools for monitoring SEO? 0
03:30:09 What are the best tools for keyword selection? 0
03:38:01 How can I decrease my page sizes? 0
03:40:54 Can the entire article showing on the home page and showing on it`s on page/URL cause an internal duplicate content issue? 0
03:44:33 What`s the easiest way to track the popularity (number of clicks) of specific links on my own website? 0
03:46:56 What`s the value of a "nofollow" link for SEO purposes? 0
03:51:17 Some of my sites have been penalized by a Google update. 0

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