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What would the best practices for SEO optimization of one-page, scrolling websites?

Lately I`ve really enjoyed one-page, scrolling websites (i.e. the Mazda6 page linked below). I think they can be beautifully simple from a design point of view, plus they work very well on mobile/tablet devices. 

However, how would one optimize a page like this? Imagine each section of the page was a different topic/service/product/etc. With all of that content living on one page, what would the best practices be for on-page optimization.


2014 Mazda 6 - Mid Size Cars, Sports Sedan | Mazda USA


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Answers from the Dumb SEO Questions Panelists.

  • Edwin Jonk: One-page scrolling websites can be quite nice and appealing to the visitors. However I would only use them if the site has one product or one topic. That is, the site only has one specific topic. If you have multiple topics/products on the same page search users landing on that page might not be satisfied because the content the below and they have to scroll down to find the right answer/content for their question/query. This might frustrate people and the might not read/convert, instead they would go back to the search results and try a different result. So you might lose conversions.

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  • Guillaume Boucher B�langer: And what is the point of linking to mazda's page and not only sharing your thoughts on one page sites? ; I think everyone as seen a one page scrolling site!
  • Caleb Keiter: I&#39;m not sure I understand your question, . Mazda is not my client (that would be fun though!) if you think I am just trying to link build.<br /><br />None of my current clients have one page scrolling sites, so I have no experience with them. I just find them very attractive and easy to use and was hoping someone could offer some insight if they have experience optimizing them. ;

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