Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 66.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 66. Hangout On Air Video
00:00:51Where are our 404 errors coming from and how do we correct them?
00:04:59How to determine what my not provided keywords are.
00:09:28How to rank for tradesman Local searches?
00:15:36I have a few questions about getting images to rank in Google.
00:20:37Should I Disavow Links and/or send a Reconsideration Request
00:38:16How long does it take to recover from a penguin manual action penalty?
01:03:48Using frames to publish content.
01:07:34Do external links to quality sites, help with SEO?
01:18:34Is Wordpress still the best choice for our websites?
01:21:00Where is the best place to learn about microformats?
01:22:51How to choose the right audience & best keywords for my website?
01:29:06Where are our 404 errors coming from and how do we correct them?5
01:29:21How to remove dev site pages accidentally indexed by Google?
01:35:51Any idea why the estimates GWT has given me are so wrong?
01:40:47Somebody told me that CMS systems don`t do as well as sites not built on them.
01:42:54My Website was on Firstpage till Penguin Update.
01:48:23Somebody mentioned to look at SEOProfiler.
01:51:53Not sure if this is an issue with Google actively targeting that term or not.
01:58:35Does anyone know of a good SEO checklist?
02:00:15What do you think about the SEO tools offered in Free Website Builders?
02:05:02I can no longer get my blog to syndicate to my Google+ page.
02:07:37How can I increase FB likes?
02:11:03Should location say a city be part of a long tailed keyword?
02:14:46How to deal with SPAM comments?
02:17:55Should I disavow domain:blogspot.com?
02:20:29Question about noindexing category pages and tag, author and date archives.
02:26:04Surely Google should be able to figure out from the link back that my article is the source article?
02:34:21Should I build links or never build links ?
02:50:02Does Google consider including superlatives like "the best" in titles/meta description as marketing spam?
02:56:52Should I create a separate blog for each area of practice?
03:11:33Does a CDN prevent my images from being searched?
03:18:27How do I best choose a post title and alt tag?
03:24:30How optimize a legal website with generic keywords?
03:27:18Can I target specific countries with a cctld?