Dumb SEO Questions

Dumb SEO Questions 41.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dumb SEO Questions 41. Hangout On Air Video
00:02:34Should I redirect broken links?3.5
00:02:39How to use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool?4.7
00:04:23Do time on site and bounce rate are affect ranking?
00:06:50Please help with SEO optimization strategy.5
00:09:34If I change it to php will it affect seo on html website?
00:13:10How do top brands handle SEO?4.5
00:18:16Can title tag and H1 be the same?
00:20:11 Can having a different meta title from your post title hurt your ranking?5
00:21:26Is SEO about customer acquisition or customer retention?4
00:24:59How to target both English and local language on the same website?5
00:27:43Does having .asp at the end of a URL affect SEO?
00:30:59Is it tough to do SEO for a Real Estate site?
00:37:26To SEO or not to SEO - the Social Question.4.5
00:56:59Is Australia That Far Behind in the Digital Market?5
01:18:52Is seo influenced by the cms used?
01:22:21Any suggestions for a quick improvement in rankings?
01:29:00Does increasing PPC spend aid your organic positions? 5
01:33:00What is the Best Free ebook to learn SEO for Business Websites in 2013?5
01:34:29How to deal with 404 errors and stop more producing?
01:38:29How come a site is ranking for a file extension in URL?
01:39:58Should we spend more time going after third-party listings?4.2
01:45:15How to figure out not provided keyword in Google Analytics?
01:57:37When to use nofollow on affiliate links?4
02:12:29What if I have more than one main keyword?
02:20:04Do exact match domains rank higher these days?
02:22:57Walmart Asks Employees For Glowing Reviews, Gets These Instead.5
02:29:07A robots.txt question.
02:29:54Do likes and plusones make keyword authorities?
02:41:02Does Google define your sitename in page titles as default now?
03:09:08RE: 7 reasons to remove linkbuilding from our vocabulary.5
03:23:34Dealing with bad reviews.
03:28:16Is there a consensus on kw density and other questions.
03:32:03does your website use geo meta tags?
03:33:43I have a question regarding the robots.txt file.4.3
03:38:42Do you dumb down your writing for SEO
03:38:42How can I fix custom css?4.4