Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 96.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 96. Hangout On Air Video
00:03:23I need your opinion about my backlink SEO method
00:54:55What sort of goals and conversions are useful in b2b sector?
01:00:13I have outbound links pointing to penalized websites, will those links hurt my website reputation?
01:05:34Do I need to use my city in citation or search engine pick city and state from address?
01:10:40Anyone got any simple tips on how my site and ranking could be improved?
01:25:49Somebody has adviced me that inspite of posting many articles on a single topic, just replace the contents and let the url and title remain unchanged. What do you think?
01:31:56Should I put my keywords in meta-description tag to boost ranking?
01:33:41Will posting regularly on blog help me in getting rank in Google?
01:36:45My website used to be on the first page but now it has gone on 3rd or 4th page for same keywords. What could be reason?
01:40:55My client site is 2 years old but it has no ranking. Please Guide me right direction
01:53:38What`s best practice? Using 1 or 2 or 3 keywords in one webpage title?
02:03:08Is it true that two or more keywords in a title causes unwanted competition (cannibalism)?
02:06:50I think they were using Black Hat techniques.
02:17:30Anyone here using Spyder Spanker plugins? It gives me "Fatal error"
02:19:01Is the Web 2.0 pyramid link building losing its value?
02:23:18My website is not doing near as well for the very same phrases when filtered for �mobile�, any idea why?
02:27:47How can we re-purpose blog content for LinkedIn etc to improve SEO without being penalized for duplicating content?
02:32:46When I search for "best fishing hook" in India, the SERP lists websites from other countries. How is this possible?
02:36:52Is it better to optimize the existing page or creating a new page to target certain keywords?4
02:39:21I think the google can never control quality of content. What do you think?
02:45:01Anyone here know much about Yotpo integration? Even better, integration with a Yahoo store?
02:48:47Does anyone know what the daily/hourly ping limit is for the search engines Google and Bing?
02:55:28The validation seems to have dropped the number of reached Goals in GA, is there an ethical way to solve this?
03:02:49Should I use different Analytics Tracking for Subdomain?
03:08:47What is a keyword?
03:13:08How to unlock "not provided" keywords in Google Analytics?
03:20:23When a client doesn`t want to include an address on their website for privacy reasons, what is the best way to present the business as a legitimate with search engines?
04:00:00Ignore me, this is a test
04:00:00Edwin Jonk, can I request if we can also have Q & A answered separately in sheet from experts?