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  • ashwin acharya puthige: When I search for "best fishing hook" in India, the front page contains 5 results from non-india sites (US, UK).
    (1) Does this mean that if I create a website targeting that keyword, then its easy to outrank the foreign websites?
    (2) Why do such results even show up when its not possible to buy from them because they are in a different country ?
    *the search query is only an example.
  • Edwin Jonk: Did you search on ?
  • Jignesh Gohel: It may happen that the keyword you are searching for has not much authority content as compare to those US or UK based website (you did not mention the domain extensions - .com which is global where as . should not be there).
  • Ritu Ahuja: I think those are the great keywords then. It means it is not available widely in India and may be the sites they are available are not promoted well. I think you wilk get a better ranking with those keywords. :)
  • Ryan Cramer: I notice you are looking for "best fishing hook" and not "best fishing hook in India".  ;When searching for global key terms, you are competing with a global market.  ;Although Google does tend to give local businesses priority, sometimes the value of being local is not enough to compete with the global market.

    May I suggest adding optimization for local cities as well as a version in local languages.  ;Perhaps that will increase the local SERP position.
  • Dave Elliott: Out of interest are Indian web pages normally written in an Indian language or in English?( and indeed what language is your browser set to?) I ask as in England I wouldn't have a problem with that search returning american reviews of fishing hooks,(no 'buy' or anything, so who cares about physical location) but, if I was a French language speaker I'd obviously want results to be in my native tongue.
  • ashwin acharya puthige:  ; They are in English, and so is my browser
  • ashwin acharya puthige:  ; you were right there. Adding "in India" removed all the foreign results !!
  • Ryan Cramer:  ;I am happy to hear that adding "in India" worked for you. That's a good indicator that your SEO efforts are being seen by Google. I'd still suggest doing some more local optimization and see if that doesn't help you in the localized SERPs
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