Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 78.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 78. Hangout On Air Video
00:02:09I changed my location info on my site and social media sites.
00:25:41 I have done the following activities to improve rank without success.
00:30:07I want to delete all history and search results from GOOGLE.
00:35:34I have added the re/publisher to my website and not sure exactly which link to use.
00:40:00Is there is any way to recover your deleted business Google+ page?
00:43:26Would advertising on a website with a page rank of 2 be wise or just a waste of money?
00:48:54Is SEO all about marketing or proof-reading and quality enhancement of online contents?
00:52:55Are there negative SEO implications from using display=`none` to hide content?
00:57:10I started getting a pretty significant increase in traffic.
01:00:20Is this going to cause issues with Google?
01:03:59Why has my website dropped from position 2?
01:05:51When you search for my blog on Google, there is no description.
01:07:44Has anyone got a filter that is definitely working for seomalt.com?
01:12:46I have a query regarding Anchor text optimization.
01:13:13My site is not being indexed.
01:26:50Does anyone use Fiverr or is it a waste of time and money?
01:47:38Will having a small percentage of pages submitted added to the index negatively affect my site?
01:54:51Is it a bad idea to have two links with the same anchor text?
01:59:29My GWMT crawl stats have shown a pretty big increase in `pages crawled` over the past month.
02:05:33Organic Traffic or Paid Ads Get Traffic Which one is the best for SEO Keywords Ranking?
02:05:40One page of my website is being linked on many pages of another website. Is it ok or it is harmful?
02:07:27I`ve been trying to access the Keyword Planner Tool for months.1
02:07:54What is new profile views thing about?
02:08:13I have just submitted a disavow file to Google.
02:09:54How does Google handle alternate spellings these days?4
02:13:52What factors make Google show local listings on organic results?5
02:15:49How do you calculate the potential SEO traffic for a #1 ranking KW?
02:19:23Does it matter what I call the `Home` page?3
02:22:22If I tag my posts in two or three different categories, is it good for SEO or a bad practice?
02:27:02I added breadcrumps using schema.org specification to my site about week ago.
02:32:35I had a pure spam penalty for a client removed by Google recently.