Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 67.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 67. Hangout On Air Video
00:02:38What is the best practice for title tags?
00:11:43Can anyone tell me if the same schema markup can be used onsite as in emails?
00:14:49Do you think there is some benefit to going back and fixing sloppy code?
00:18:00Do search engines count text that isn`t displayed on the page when the page loads?
00:21:05 Why is it telling me that no sitemap can be found for my site?
00:22:28Redirecting numerous pages from one domain to several different domains.
00:24:56Will it hurt to rearrange the keywords on a home page meta title and H1?
00:31:22Can too much tracking code on one page affect page load times?
00:33:25Is there any shortcut to link building in a White Hat Way?
00:35:22I`m seeing more comments where there is no backlink.
00:38:59What if a firm wants to target a specific city or a state?
00:42:21How do you pronounce SEO?
00:43:19Should the title and the alternate text be the same phrases?
00:46:36Is there a risk of losing existing rankings if we change the title tag?
00:52:33Authorship has stopped working.
00:52:41Do you think the redirect is a dead duck now?
00:55:16Does Google still support KML files in 2014?
00:56:41Would Google consider technical cloaking to be a guideline violation?
00:59:15What would be the consequences of me linking to my guest post on his blog?
01:00:59Is the use of a social media dashboard useful?
01:04:03Is it easier to rank for local searches for town1 or county1?
01:06:35How can I set up GA goals for full website if the GA limit is 20?
01:09:17How to get a Wordpress blog indexed in Google?
01:10:52To what extent will Hummingbird change the face of #SEO as we know it in 2014?
01:13:26Could Google Accounts and reputation scores be associated with those accounts?
01:17:32Is it duplicate content if I put the same blog on our US site and AU site?
01:19:42How do you interpret this Wikipedia internal link?
01:26:37What should I do to make a calendar Googlebot friendly?
01:29:28I have just seen the entire page 1 results change in one go?
01:31:04Need help from SEO experts to rid my website from Google Penalty.
01:34:56Can we have our 3 different addresses on single G+ page?
01:35:27Can I have 3 domains out of the 1 physical address?
01:40:00A/B testing - is there anything I should be concerned about from a SEO perspective?
01:43:26On a wordpress platform, how should a local business add customer reviews?
01:45:57How important is the filename of an image?
01:49:29I can not find my website on Bing but indexed in Google, Yahoo.
01:53:23What software or tools people use to analyze data to select keywords for their sites?