Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 75.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 75. Hangout On Air Video
00:02:08I have a question which has been bugging me for week
00:03:50Domain name extensions then, .com is the best for seo purposes followed by .net and .org, or so I`ve heard. Is this right?
00:06:55Can anyone tell me how to submit my infographic or what is the procedure for getting approval submission?
00:10:04In terms of keyword research and selection, how does geography fit in for a local/non e-commerce business?
00:15:50This is long, sorry, but it`s a question, I promise!
00:24:26How much data do we need to confirm that the new site design isn`t going to convert well?
00:28:30What`s the best way to write an updated post and then link to the old post for best SEO "juice"?
00:32:12An SEO Question about infographic
00:34:18Should I quote my hourly rate and demand payment up front?
00:38:32I apologise for taking a liberty and posting here but this stuff makes my blood boil
01:07:54I`ve a strange issue with my keyword rankings, I would highly appreciate if any SEO Expert would help me
01:15:48Would I still use the canonical tag for the child posts?
01:17:58Can someone assist me with a reliable Free Site where I can check and gather information regarding my backlinks and how to improve my link building skills?
01:20:28Will adding the publish date to my sites article URL`s have an affect on SEO?
01:22:26I would like to ask you a question about Local Optimisation and Google Places
01:27:18Why would Google need anyone to provide them with data?
01:27:56I need to learn how I optimize my words, tags, etc. if anyone can guide me and help me, it would be greatly appreciated
01:34:30Is there something I need to do with structured data to attempt to get my featured image of a post to show up in SERPs, rather than my G+ image?
01:37:21I have a social business decision to make regarding google optimisation. Any help will be much appreciated
01:44:07 I`ve got a mysterious bunch of links according to open site explorer that I can`t find
01:45:50Blissful ignorance. How should we deal with it?
02:18:00What do you folks use to record ranking data?
02:21:37I have a problem about google analytics code on my website
02:24:36My question is. What is the DSQ logo all about?
02:28:41Hi guys! Just want to ask if this website promo.no-minimumdotcodotuk duplicate to this web site c-mbdotcodotuk?
02:29:58What should be the criteria for successful SEO of a website?
02:33:33Is ranking through submission based SEO a bad idea?
02:36:28Hi friends, i want to do a 301 redirect with htaccess in joomla but I can`t get it to work
02:39:24Any budy here use long tail pro tell me?1
02:40:28What are your thoughts about the new design of google SERP?
02:43:08What`s the best tool for checking which outbound links on a website are pointing to bad neighbourhoods?
02:45:46Ok i have one no sniggering working on an ecom site and there are seasonal pages. What code do i serve when these pages come down?
02:46:36Has anyone else got the impression bloggers got scared away from doing guest post because of Matt Cutts?
02:54:24Does any one knows how to optimize a business directory with sub domains?
02:58:16The problem is the google webmaster say that i repeater the title 6 Times
03:07:45Does anyone have a very good `how to use google tag manager guide.` book?
03:09:01Product with two common names: A separate page for each name, or both on one page?
03:10:12 Is there any point in updating all my other GA accounts to universal?
03:15:07It may be a dumb seo questions, but can someone explain this to me?
03:17:34What`s the best social share bar for my Word Press website blog that will not drastically increase load speed of my website?
03:24:53I got Adsense 5 days ago and added code on my TECH site. What should I do?