Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 74.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 74. Hangout On Air Video
00:00:47Could somebody translate this into english for me please?
00:02:46Are multiple domains targeting keywords a good plan?
00:07:19I have a question regarding Sitelinks.
00:10:04I`d like to know your seo strategy regarding using email addresses.
00:12:36How to link a manufacturer to small distributor sites?
00:22:41Regarding the no follow tag. When should it really be used?
00:30:03Complicated domain redirection.5
00:34:36Rehabilitate a 13 year old branded site or start again?
00:48:34Majestic SEO vs Ahrefs - which would YOU choose?
00:51:23Does anyone have more tips on Magento SEO here?
00:54:24I`ve read that you can build up links to your website by for e.g forums.
01:01:19How do I put my business name in Google "related searches" column?
01:09:51What are the best options to clean up a site with keyword stuffing in their blogs dating back to 2010?
01:14:08Does this violate any Google guidelines?
01:17:08Is there any advantage to building links from a wordpress.com, tumblr type site?
01:21:53Any fresh ideas for earning editorial links in 2014?
01:40:38Does Google index strikethrough text?
01:43:13Do the rankings on GWMT only represent average rankings for Google.com?
01:45:10Can you suggest similar options to Google Adwords?
01:48:45I just started blogging, and would like to know a lot more about SEO and how it works?
01:50:58Is there any quick way to get some traffic to a website?5
02:05:10I am looking for some advice on keyword research.
02:10:44What is the best way to track emails through Google Analytics?5
02:12:34What are some other ways to put a video on your site without embedding the code from YouTube?
02:17:38How i can get again 1st place on Google?
02:27:14How do I disconnect my YouTube personal page from my personal G+ page and connect it to my G+ business page?
02:33:06Would you switch an established, well ranked site to SSL?
02:39:16I seem to have acquired two Google+ pages for my small business.
02:41:48How to setup custom 404 page for windows server?
02:43:09Recently I received my 20th Google review.
02:49:11Has a .directory TLD any benefits over a CcTLD for a directory website?
02:52:30I received a message that my site is not crawlable by googlebot because of a server error.