Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 38.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 38. Hangout On Air Video
00:00:00What`s more important? Programming or Journalism?5
00:01:16Moving to a new web site structure?
00:02:03Should a sitewide link to my blog be nofollow?
00:03:20How to apply a 301 redirect and avoid an infinite loop.
00:03:22Will the Webmaster Tools API be updated to add additional data?
00:05:07How do you rank for UGC?3
00:05:17How do I deal with these temporary pages?
00:08:48How to rebuild a site.
00:09:02This is not search engine optimization.
00:10:57Is there a way to hide the plain text so that Google can find the articles?
00:11:34How much is an exact match domain name worth? 3
00:16:44Google Compute Engine - Ten Minute Test Drive: Set up your own web server
00:17:29What do you think of enterprise search?
00:18:22Ranking tracker software recommendations?
00:23:55How to rank local Business News TV Show?
00:25:01Pointers for a service website.
00:31:07Bad search results for lactose free chocolate
00:33:20Why google indexed just one language subdomain?
00:36:45What`s the best approach to target town one, town two and town three? 5
00:38:20Web hosting public_html folder missing?
00:39:03Why do the links in BWT differ from GWT?
00:40:47Is it better to include a blog or have an external blog?
00:42:16Marketing models and SEO?
00:45:26GWTs says the site has 20, 000+ links coming site?
00:46:59Mobile plugin that redirects (302) mobile users?
00:54:09Promoting a Booking Engine.
01:01:24Quality SEO certification courses?
01:04:06Tips for promoting with Adwords.
01:12:52Google Plus Patents - Identity Service, Social Shopping Site.
01:16:12Do you enable gzip compression on your web server?
01:31:20Early Look at Google`s June 25 Algo Update
01:43:21Google business places and Google+?
01:49:23I want the same breadcrumbs as Amazon