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Bad search results for lactose free chocolate

Okay answers on a post card please! I was doing some analytics research for the phrase `lactose free chocolate` and found this site ranking top www(dot)moofreechocolates(dot)co.uk/ How? I mean seriously? The page is just a link to the .com site(which is even referenced in the code as it provides templates) There is very little content(some nice keyword stuffing down underneath the copyright statement) and opensite explorer shows very few links going to the site(20), none of which have the word lactose on it. Which indeed doesn`t appear anywhere on the site. I am really confused! and more than a tad annoyed as my clients page is 16th ish!
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  • Dave Elliott: Okay, and breathe. Thus far I have determined they are not ranking for lactose free... they are ranking for dairy free chocolate and google being clever is subbing my query out. It still makes little sense though, so umm how are they doing so well and what can i do it better my page`s rank(which i`m not giving out on a public forum) What should i be looking for?
  • Christina S: Sister site:moofreechocolates.com- set up by the same owner it seems.Very poorly set up I might add.
  • Ian Dixon: hehe +Dave Elliott if you look you come up with a business that is based close to me and not so far from you either. They hide by using and 0845 number and leaving the 0118 line off the hook so it always appears to be busy. Looks to be a bunch of marketers who will spam any and all products that they think they might get away with. Their address is in an area that is commonly used by the local taxi/private hire firms too so they probably are running one of them too

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