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This is not search engine optimization.

This is not search engine optimization

This is pandering to the algorithm and it`s entirely at odds with what the search engines keep saying you`re supposed to be doing to improve a site`s visibility in search.

You know, "creating great content."  In the time you still have left after combing through linkback profiles and sending humiliating emails begging morons to remove your links.

This is not SEO.  This is bullshit.
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  • Jim Munro: "It`s a shame you are allowing Negative SEO campaigns to be orchestrated, which are then subsequently reported to google as bad practise, upon which you apply a manual penalty to the innocent party without warning.

    Competitor 1 commences a negative SEO campaign against Competitor 2.
    Competitor 1 then reports Competitor 2 to google for suspected bad practise and search result manipulation.
    Google apply a manual penalty without warning to Competitor 2 (the innocent party).

    Google search results are now manipulated and Competitor 1 succeeds in Industrial Sabotage.

    Don`t believe me this has happened in the UK for on line cash for car buyers. Search "sell my car" all the reputable companies, with good websites and excellent customer service levels have disappeared leaving one man bands. Bad day not only for the companies who have become the victims but also for the consumers."

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