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Is there a way to hide the plain text so that Google can find the articles?

so glad I found this group! One of my clients would like to use a pdf of a magazine article on his website (for aesthetics - and so the article looks legit). BUT he also wants Google to be able to find the text in the PDF. what`s the best way to approach this? Is there a way to hide the plain text so that Google can find the articles, but not have it actually appear? i apologize if this question is already answered, or if it`s considered extremely dumb :) I`m learning new things about SEO everyday. appreciate your insights!

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  • Tim Capper:

    If you dont want it to appear in search but to be visible to google use rel="noindex", "follow"

  • Justin Y:

    + if it`s possible to convert the PDF to a full size image and then slice it in photoshop, I would do that. Then you can retain the look and insert the text as true text so it can be crawled. Of course this all depends on your skill level, but this is something that I would look to do first. I`m not sure on how else you can make it look legit if your inserting the PDF directly on the page like an iframe if that`s what you`re referring too. If that is the case, it won`t look like a magazine article it`ll look like a frame-in.

  • Dave Elliott:

    Write a decent intro to the page/document and then use adobe pdf pro to tag it. It is surprising how much optimisation you can actually do on a pdf! Couple of links from when i had to learn all this a few months ago! I can`t remember(or be bothered to read) which i found more useful..... i suspect it wont be the hubspot one.

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