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How to rank local Business News TV Show?

I`m trying to get a website for a local Business News TV Show to rank on the SERPs. I knew this would be very difficult from the start, knowing that I would be competing for keywords that are used frequently by National & Local DAILY newspapers, and given that every one of my competition are "naturally SEOed" (DESPITE the fact that I work in a country that doesn’t take SEO so seriously yet). Anyway, I do realize that there are a few other ways to drive traffic to my site, other than trying to wrestle bigger media companies for keyword ranking. But I sure would love to hear how some of the experts here would tackle this. Thanks for your contributions.
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  • Pali Madra: One of the best strategy to compete with bigger sharks is to go in for Local SEO. To start with create a Google Plus Local Page and a Bing Business Page. Make sure that you optimize the business pages by adding content. Also add some photos and videos which I`m sure the business owners will have, Since the client`s business is Local Business Television create a YouTube channel and connect the Google Local Business Page and the YouTube channel to leverage these listings. Post information about any events that the client organizes. Request customers for reviews as well. Business citations is another strategy that should be used. Setup business pages on local review websites and encourage customers to review the business. The standard SEO practices should be implemented as well. Another aspect you need to work on extensively is on-page optimization. Of course the content has to be interesting as well. With emphasis on Local SEO there is a chance that your clients website might be able to get a list in the Google 7 back listing which is shown on the first page of SERP`s if Google believes that showing local results would give a better user experience. Hope this helps.
  • Ian Dixon: Start by identifying your target audience +Rotimi Orimoloye because that is an important factor in how you want to get the site ranked. I assume from your profile that the TV station is in Nigeria and carries business news for that country. Now how best to do SEO here would depend somewhat on whether the content was targeting businesses inside the country or on a more global scale. If the target audience is inside the country then a headline that read `Business is Booming` gets to the target market. If the audience is intended to be wider then it would be better if it said `Nigerian Business is Booming`. You arent going to beat the big stations who carry a lot more clout and will therefore end up ranking higher. However if you can bring the local in as +Pali Madra suggested then you can bring in the results for your own area. Marketing is never easy and neither is figuring out what works and why. Essentially it is a case of `suck it and see` as we say here in England
  • Dave Elliott: Me thinks social media will be key to this. Find lots of local businesses on twitter, facebook and here and get sharing. Also if you are talking about a certain industry grabbing some quotes from a local business will help a lot. Support from within tge business community is what u need. Then u will hardly have to put any effort into getting links, shares etc.
  • Justin Y: Infographic would be good for the local area. You could create an Infographic worth sharing that mentions other local companies etc in the area that would possibly share it to generate traffic. Get them to share it on their social channels, websites and have a budget to promote the Infographic.

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