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Why google indexed just one language subdomain?

Hi Everyone, I have website (mywebsite) and 2 websites with subdomains (en.mywebsite) (ru.mywebsite). I add all my webiste to google index but google indexed just (en.mywebsite). I can`t understant why google indexed just 1 website with subdomain. How can I know why google didnt indexed other websites? P.S All websites include same content in different languages.
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  • Jim Munro: Hi Islam. :) I am not an expert but here are a couple of things I noticed: Your robots.txt is misconfigured on all three sites. Your root domain is well-indexed, the english subdomain not so much and the russian version, not at all. This could be because your content is auto-translated. Googlebot regards these as duplicate content and the same low value as spun content. I think the first things to look at are fixing the robots.txt or not returning a file at all, and looking at the quality of your translations i.e. are they readable by a native reader?

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