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Is it better to include a blog or have an external blog?

Hi there, from an SEO point of view, is it better to include a blog on my website (eg www.mywebsite.com/blog) or have an external blog with separate URL that directs to my main website? Thanks!!
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  • Rory Natkiel: Hi Angus - while the links from a separate domain would be useful in the short-term, ultimately they will diminish in value as Google sees you linking repeatedly from one domain to the other. On the other hand, publishing lots of fresh content on a new blog on your existing domain is more likely to improve your domain authority over time. I would usually opt to set up the blog on your own website.
  • Tim Capper: On your own site !
  • Sławomir Zdunek: I would definitely go for building a blog on my own site. You could build your own authority in this way.

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