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Quality SEO certification courses?

Just wondering if you could point me in the direct of any quality SEO certification courses?
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  • Dave Elliott: I don`t believe there is such a thing! You can get google analytics certified(have to redo every 18 months i think) but SEO changes so quickly that a degree etc would be pretty pointless.

    If you are after an online course then distilled university is well thought of and delivers the course in a modular format and is umm $40 a month i think.

    But blogs/discussions and articles is just as valid a way of learning as long as you aren`t specifically after a disciplined structure.
  • Jenna Schultz: Okay, thanks!  Yes, I was thinking more in terms of an online course. I`ll look into distilled university. I`ve started the Google Analytics certification but have heard it`s pretty difficult. Do you have any experience with that one?
  • Dave Elliott: I`ve just about finished all the videos, just got a couple of things left.(have yet to decide if it is worth paying the $50 to take the test and get a certificate though)  Only found the reg-ex stuff difficult personally, but, other than that and the filters and e-commerce sections i had a fair amount experience looking through analytics.

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