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How do you rank for UGC?

I have a client that I do some SEO for.  She has a group of people that she wants to offer a website to in order to help her business grow.  She also wants these sites to rank for some KW`s but she says she knows the people are not going to update the content.

I told her this is practically impossible and then she showed me several sites that do rank with hardly any content at all.  Most don`t even have a blog page.  Just a few static pages and they rank.

My question is, how do I respond to this?  Some of these sites have held positions for a while so I can`t tell her it`s temporary. 
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  • Erik van Heumen: It depends on the niche if the website needs fresh content or not. If you see other websites rank well without fresh content, this could be an indication that this is a niche were it`s possible. Especially when the other websites don`t have much authority.
  • Erik van Heumen: think those websites won`t have much impact if it`s the idea to pass link juice to her own website. The weight loss niche is pretty tough and you`ll have to put a lot of effort in your websites to rank well, so maybe it`s better to put all the effort in her own website.
  • Justin Y: I agree with +Owen E Richason IV about the age. A lot of sites with very little content that rank well have a long life or content that might be evergreen. It can be difficult to rank but it`s not impossible. I`d mimic the competitors efforts and go after the same sources for relevant backlinks. I would also think of ways to generate more traffic like email campaigns, social influence, infographics etc. Those are my thoughts and I`ve achieved this in the past, it took me about a month and half to do it.

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