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Pointers for a service website.

Hi Guys, Wondered if you could glance over my website and give me some pointers of what to include and add , it`s a service website which i`ve never done before so not quite sure what should or should not be included, Any help is much appreciated.

The site is not live as it`s still in building process,
Many thanksĀ 
w.w.w.tidy.up.trash. co. uk
tried to make it not a live link as i don`t want it picked up yet :-)
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  • Alistair Lattimore: George, sorry we didn`t answer your question in the hangout. I`ve circled back and had a quick review of your site, comments below. robots.txt blocking / meta robots noindex, nofollow title tags aren`t optimised throughout the site. I`d try something like the following for your home page and as a basis for other pages throughout your site but would recommend you actually do keyword research to see how people look for rubbish removal services in general: * Household Garden Waste & Rubbish Removal, North Lanarkshire UK - Tidy Up Trash Put your primary contact phone number(s) in the header Include your business name, address, phone in the footer throughout Create google places listing with matching NAP, complete profile Include your business into high quality national, local & niche directories Contact us page should include NAP Enquiry form in the right sidebar should be simplified: * name (single field) * email * phone * date (simple date control, not big calendars) * details * submit button should have a large, bright coloured button Google Analytics script included, no profile id is present Google Analytics goals configured for enquiry submissions? Google pagespeed shows plenty of performance improvements - maybe look at instaling W3 Total Cache plugin

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