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Why I can`t find my website through key words on google?

Why I can`t find my website through key words on google?? my website already more than 7 months. My website www.ts-aceroinoxidable(dot)com
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  • Brent Wildman: 1)Well your on page optimization is very bad, you just have keywords stuffed everywhere on every page.

    2) Your URL structure is long and unnecessary.  ;

    3) Most importantly you have 0 backlinks. Start acquiring good natural back links and you will see your site to start to rank.
  • Jim Munro: Hi Peter. :)
    You are welcome here but links to your website are not. Please edit your post to change ;http://www.ts-aceroinoxidable .com/ TO www.ts-aceroinoxidable(dot)com/. I appreciate your understanding.
  • Ranu Jain: Hey Peter,

    I would like to add a few more things here:

    1) Check this URL structure: "http://www.ts-aceroinoxidable.com/tsaceroinoxidablecom/html/productlist/aluminum.html"

    Why are you writing "tsaceroinoxidablecom" in the URL? It is not a clean URL structure. URL structure is one of the factors in ranking.

    2) As Brent has already mentioned about the keyword stuffing, I would also say that the Titles are  ;not making sense here, just the keyword stuffing. And are very long too. ;

    3) Would recommend to have footer navigation too.

    4) Have a better sitemap. ;

    5) Try to integrate a blog as blogs lead to better caching of the website by search engines.

    6) Also, try to build relevant and authoritative links to your site.
  • Peter Shawn: Really appreciated you all.  ;For the comments and kind suggestions. I am not professional SEOer or work for IT, Hope i can find someway or someone to improve the website quality and ranking. Thanks again.

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