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Discusion: Is Google+ embed useful?

Google+ embed useful?

+Masatake Wasa makes a great point about why the new embed isn`t that useful and probably confuses users. Additionally I think it will frustrate webmasters too. Most webmasters will not use this function because the embed includes javascript and many CMS strip out any javascript. My guess is that G is using js to include the comments. Therefore it will not be an "easy" way to embed the post. If G wouldn`t include the comments it could send plain HTML, iframe or something that most CMS`s will accept.

So is the embed function useful for the average webmaster?

wasaweb.net originally shared:

It is now possible to embed public Google+ posts on a website or a blog. There are potentially two issues: (1) loss of control by the original poster; and (2) confusion between commenting on an embedded Google+ post and commenting on the Google+ comments platform used for the site or the blog, particularly on Blogger blogs.

Embedding Google+ posts: two potential issues? | Notes on Google+ | 12 September 2013

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  • Dave Elliott: I can&#39;t see embedded posts being much use for the spammers to be honest as it IS actually loading in an iframe(ish) just one that is controlled by a javascript. This page has an embedded post. ; if you look at the page source there is no code from the post. There is however a frame source which in turn takes you too google&#39;s api. ;view-source:<br /><br />I agree with the concerns via commenting on the blog vs commenting on the original post though and it would also be insanely useful to have some sort of mechanism to view where your posts have been embedded (i take it that it doesn&#39;t show up in ripples or anything?) apart from anything else it would be useful to know for link building/out reach purposes.<br /><br />Last point, ; ;says &quot;Firstly, the original posters on Google+ cannot control by whom and where their posts are embedded(ooh look it auto copied the source down below, how cool is that!!! ahem)<br /><br />Source: &quot;<br /><br />But this isn&#39;t strictly true, if you set your original post to anything but public and set it to not able to share then no one but the people you shared it to in the first place will be able to embed...... surely?<br /><br />In fact this is wrong i have just checked, I can&#39;t seem to embed any non public post. Has Google changed this since the article was written?´╗┐

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