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Discussion: Interesting developments on the Google+ platform

Adding to this Thursday night`s Dumb SEO Questions Hangout On Air #49 for +Masatake Wasa   who said: Interesting developments on the Google+ platform.

Embedded posts are quite intriguing: site owners can integrate their sites closely with their Google+ presences, by not only using Google+ profiles and pages, but also by using Google+ comments and embedded posts.

I think these are good and useful, but a part of me is dreading self-styled SEOs hyping this up as the next big SEO thing, or those get-rich-quick AdSense publishers who embed numerous Google+ posts as their "unique" contents.

What I`d like to see most at the moment is a desktop version of content recommendation.

Anyway, it feels like Google+ is going to eat into other forms of online entities, and I have to say I`m a little ambivalent about it as a matter of general tendency.
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  • Masatake Wasa: I'd be curious to know what others think about embedded posts: I think they can be useful and convenient, but it entails losing quite a lot of control over your contents (but then the same argument could be made about Twitter or Pinterest). I'm deeply ambivalent about the bigger picture, but I'm also a little apprehensive about the embedded posts specifically, even though - and as mentioned above - I can see their merits and usefulness.
  • Justin Y: +Masatake Wasa yeh usefulness but that's it if you ask me. 
  • Tim Capper: I think there will be a time and a place to use them ... would not use willy nilly, but occassionally could be useful ... when i find an instance, will try it out.
  • Rob Wagner: I think it could be useful in some situations. ;

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