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More disavow tool mystery.  Personally I feel Google have been less than honest from the outset in their public pronouncements about this tool.

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  • Rob Wagner: Interesting article ;
  • Tim Capper: This is what i posted on his post ( for some reason i cant get a link for it)

    But you already have answered your own question +Cyrus Shepard ;

    Google has stated (or rather JM in webmaster hangouts) that the disavow will get processed (if algorithmic penalty) when the algo runs .

    This is what exactly happened in you case (as you point out) - the disavow file took effect after the May Penguin roll out.

    The reverse applies, with the removal of the file - you will need to wait until the next penguin roll out for the removal of disavow file to be processed.

    If a manual penalty - they will process disavow with submission of Recon
    If algo penatly - they will process disavow when algo re runs.

    So if you are going to have a penatly applied ..... Pray for a Manual one :) It is far easier to recover the site

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