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Does anyone have any brilliant guides about tools on Moz analytic beta testing thing

I have just(finally)  been added to the +Moz  analytics beta testing thing does anyone have any brilliant guides knocking about to see what all the new tools are capable of.

I have had a quick look through everything and am fairly impressed but want to make sure i haven`t missed anything!
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  • Cara Jeanne: Can't wait to get mine!
  • Tom Black: +Dave Elliott ;I'm testing it too, I haven't seen any specific guides for the new version but there is a useful section on the moz site here ;http://moz.com/help/guides/getting-started
    Do you like the new layout? The only thing I miss, is the ability to export PDF reports for my clients. ;
  • Dave Elliott: I am presuming that pdf reports will be chucked into the mix once it is out of beta and the current one is retired.

    I am not impressed by the lack of g+ business page integration (although am assured they are working on it) and feel it needs linked in added to the social stuff.

    I also, don't like the on page grade screen as much as the old one yet (this may just take getting used to)

    Also, the opportunities tab on the kewwords screen does't work as i want it too yet. ;

    Considering it is beta it looks pretty good though.

    Oh and yeah I found that guide on moz, cheers though.
  • Tom Black: I think you're right +Dave Elliott ;it's still a beta look and more features will be added. ;

    I can see Google+ integration under Social tab. ;
  • Dave Elliott: yeah, g+ is intergrated but only personal account pages, which really isn't useful.

    The other thing that is annoying me, that i forgot about is that most of the tabs don't have a monthly time frame! I send out my reports monthly so only really care about those stats!
  • Tom Black: that's strange, I haven't linked the account yet, but on the screenshot I can clearly see a mention of a Company Page
  • Dave Elliott: http://moz.com/community/q/moz-analytics-g-business-page-can-t-be-found
  • Tom Black: I see, I guess the preview slide shows the final version then. ;

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