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Can we target our keyword on blog comment box

Hello everyone,  
Please tell me today can we target our keyword on blog comment box.
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  • Ranu Jain: Using "keywords" does not look natural and it might be treated as an attempt to game SERPs. This can inversely affect your site. ;

    So, would recommend you to use name rather than keywords in that specified field. ;
  • Rajendira Prasad K: Better way, Try to avoid that
  • Rajesh Kumar: Thanks,but If we use username then it get promote username rather than keyword. so what its benefit?
  • Rajendira Prasad K: User name should your name, So many people will know you, connect with you, discuss with you, community get bigger, Community makes brand awareness.
  • Ranu Jain: Yes, it will look natural and genuine. On top of that, it will minimize the chances of getting affected negatively. I think that's the biggest benefit. ;
  • Rajesh Kumar: Thanks +Rajendira Prasad K ; +Ranu Jain ;
  • Bala Sathya Narayanan: you could use the keywords in comments or in reply boxes,but it shuld be in a flow nd not in an intention to add the keywords...

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