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What would constitute excessive 301 redirects?

What would constitute excessive 301 redirects? 

Lets say I have a client with 10 landing pages that all rank, would 301ing each page to a new page on one site be a bad move?

ie. www.landingpage.com 301 to www.newsite.com/301newpage etc...

Would doing this for 10 landing pages be excessive?
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  • Corey Blinks: I wouldn't think so. ;However, with each landing page are the users expecting specific content (For Ex. Golf Balls)?
    If they are expecting specific content and you're re-directing them to a main page about "sporting goods" as an example, that could mess up the UX and drive their conversion rates down fast. ;
  • Donnie Strompf: no the pages will all 301 to a relevant search. white rabbit to a new white rabbit page etc..
  • Corey Blinks: I wouldn't suspect that having a bad effect on SEO or UX. ;
  • David Harry: Yea, standard issue with site migrations. 10 pages ain't nada brother lol. ;

    A. be sure to monitor 404s on old site and redirect accordingly

    B. be sure to try and get as many links to the old site changes as U can. There is 'some' loss via 301 and thus it can have some affects
  • Corey Blinks: +David Harry good catch!
  • John Britsios: +David Harry Matt Cutts said that the loss of PR is so less as the loss of ; the equity of a link pointing to somewhere. So I do not see any problem at all.
  • Joe Norton: Nope, no maximum number of 301 redirects for this kind of purpose (moving from site to site). The only thing to look out for, is don't daisy-chain the redirects -- just go from point A to point B in one jump if possible.
  • Ranu Jain: Yeah, setting 301 redirects on 10 pages won 't affect your site. Just make sure that old URLs are redirected to the correct pages. And don't worry about the PageRank.

    A PageRank dilution through a 301 redirect is a myth : http://searchengineland.com/google-pagerank-dilution-through-a-301-redirect-is-a-myth-149656

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