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1. How do you deal with (not provided) for SEO reporting?

The (not provided) traffic will reflect your provided traffic - give or take. Also if you look at your landing pages - you can pretty much split up your not provided into percentages of the provided traffic

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2. Suggestions for dealing with Penguin and site-wide links.

My personal addition and i don`t mean to offend: would you purchase carpet cleaning from your site. Create one site that offers a Good Purchasers experience Carpet cleaning services - list different services Blog - with tips, tricks, even a carpet glossary with your marks out 10 for easy cleaning. Now for the areas. create pages for Areas these must all be unique to the area - provide map, provide some testimonials from mrs fisher - 10 long rd leigh on sea, mr cod - 11 short rd leigh on sea. but dont try and spam keywords onto page. Create categories for the area in your blog - every time you clean a carpet in that area - explain it, the problem, how you dealt with it, and before and after pictures. over time you will build up authority

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3. Is there a way to merge a Google Plus page and Google Local page?

A google local page is already connected to a google plus business page. So i hope you mean a google place page or google map listing. if this is the case then log into google plus business page - then open google place page - you will then see : Manage this Page, click on this and follow instructions - you may have to re verify the page. If you are in the very top situation which i questioned what you meant " merge a google plus page and google local page" then you already have 2 seperate google plus pages / accounts. Delete the one and connect to the one you want to keep.

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4. For duplicate pages, canonical, index or noindex?

As far as i understand it will only be the generic pages that will be duplicate "about us" sitemap, accessability, T&C etc etc. well why have seperate ones ? just have one page, the site is on same domain correct . If you insist on creating 2, then canaonicalise to the one you want displayed in search. Even if you did not canon, G will only display 1 of the pages. PS for the odd page here and there, you wont get penalised.

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5. Guest blogging as link scheme and quality guidelines.

Publishing articles is fine, it is usual "marketing" practice both offline and online. If you get the opportunity to post on a high quality site that has megga traffic - do it. If you are jittery about a link then "nofollow" it. Forget link building .. think traffic generation. Just think about the line in the guidelines ... megga crap quality will attract attention, good quality, now and again ... no problems

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6. Can you change Titles too often?

Have not heard of this, but lets face it, why would you change your title all the time If you were changing constantly, I think Google might set their own title for the page, but as for a penalty, no I dont think so.

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7. SEO Best practice for ranking photography.

Ok this is the way I would Play it and it will take a few articles or as many in the project to all be available ... lenghtly but great for content. 1) Overall project article This will include the full project. Introduction to project, explanantion. Then brief explanation of each section with within project and 1 image, then link through to project of that section. EG: Title : Full project intro

corporate photo snippet image view full corporate photo shoot - link to that full article

employee photo snippet image view full employee photo shoot - link to that full article Images : keep alt attribute as simple as possible. Corporate photo shoot - Mark Gilvey Architecural photography london - Mark Gilvey Once all live, a great way to promote photos - and i use it well for one of my clients a location library. Pinterest Google+ If you have an image that has a physical location then you can even add the image location when you post in Google+

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8. Do outbound links within your text help or harm your site?

Outbound links in any form will not harm your site. But you are passing Page Rank to the site that you link to, unless you add rel="nofollow" to the link. However from a Penguin algo point of view from the sites you are linking to : they would probably appreciate the branded url that you have described. However, without links the web would collapse. However penguin has caused mayhem and confusion. Google guidelines have not helped with their hidden meanings and even Googlers like JM remain cagy when directly asked about the new guidelines posted. This could all be cleared up if Google stopped playing games and gave crystal clear guidelines - until then we will see questions like this one - which would not have been asked pre penguin.

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9. What`s the exact definition of "Forensic SEO"?

Yep you got it right : technical SEO audit

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10. Thinking aloud about author and publisher mark-ups.

I can see the dilema: However this material may not have been translated without your assistance. Also what you are doing is currently unique and has not been done, so you as the aurthor / creator should be referenced. How about rel=translator

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11. Question about keyword distribution on a single page, maybe related to how the bot crawls the page

when you say a side bar - what is the side bar associated with - tags, categories ? Could these be associated as spammy ? If they play a distinct purpose - you click on one and it takes you to a specific page. Then this should be OK. However if this is the case i would probably try and incorporate them into your main header menu. As long as Google can see the relevance they play in the sites navigation - then all should be ok. On the other hand - would google look at these as intentional manipulation, then i would remove i never saw the url Chris, sorry Just had a look - your site is fine, there are no massive keywords in the side bar. However - the parent site locksmith-pa might not be so lucky with all those area pages. Matt cutts specificall calls them out in the new manual actions - thin duplicated content

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12. Will copy and pasting discussions from social media forums onto a blog count as duplicate content?

It does suck +Devin Peterson , but that is the nature of the beast we are dealing with. This is what G says about it : referencing material is fine, but it should not be the whole pages content. You can add a link to the original and add it in "quotes". Some things I have played with, especially with authorship attached. One site that i work on is a financial site - very tough market!! and the landing pages that i ideally want to rank for is tough going. So when i report on breaking financial news (related to site) I prettey much rewrite an introduction the ref the original article... and 8 out of 10 times i eventually outrank the news sites ..... and the site has very low PR. One thing you may find interesting. I copied the source of a page and pasted exact into Google drive and made it public as a web page .... surprise surprise the google drive page outranked the original 

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13. I have 91000 links towards my website, I feel something needs to be done

Have you looked on any of the pages that are refernced in WMT - is there a link to your site ? If there is then show this to the webmaster. That many links from one site either means the link is coming from a blogroll section or permanent link in footer. If it is not visible, look in the source code and see if there is a link but hidden. If they are showing in WMT, they must have existed.... be sure to try and verify track them down, so you know for sure they do not exist, try looking at cached pages in the site. If they no longer exist, they will slowly disappear from WMT There is no point adding to disavow tool, because they have been removed. or did not exist

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14. I can`t figure this Google places stuff out!! Does anyone have any tips?

There are a couple of things. Potentially you are spamming yourself - 2 place pages to the same Site. However I see you ranking : http://goo.gl/djj9Bq I would connect this one to the name below your social sharing icons on site. http://goo.gl/VKRBCQ >Rob Burns Realtor 984 Chapeltown Cir N Jacksonville, Fl 32225 Phone: 904-485-7455 Another thing is the publisher tag and author tag are the same. Just Noticed Your author tag and publisher tag is the same personal profile ? Your publisher tag should be to your Google+ Business | Brand or Organisation page. When you set this up - you can connect your Google place pages as Google+ Local. To Sum Up Create a Google+ Business Page Connect to site via rel=publisher tag Connect Google place pages to your Google+ business page - making them verified google+ local pages Link your site to the relevant place URL >Rob Burns Realtor 984 Chapeltown Cir N Jacksonville, Fl 32225 Phone: 904-485-7455 PS your G+ social icon is not connected

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15. Does anyone know if we can use our keywords as our full name for Google+?

No, that box on the right hand side will appear for your branded name if you have Google+ local page. Once you have created your Google+ business page you can also go an claim your google place page and connect to your Google+ business page. Article on SEO for business pages : http://googleplus-businesspages.com/index.php/seo-your-google-business-page-for-local-businesses/ Dont forget to verify your Google+ business page and attach rel=publisher on site to business page. Then you will get another box showing up on the right hand side displating your recent post. http://googleplus-businesspages.com/index.php/show-up-in-google-knowledge-graph-for-businesses-and-brands/

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16. Is Tag Cloud good or bad for SEO?

tags are for users, not for search engines. "noindex"

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17. This is the actual scene. What can i do now?

isolate the date range that the traffic spike appeared. Then look at your landing pages, and use secondary to see what keywords werer used to arrive at those pages. The types of pages that were landed on should also provide a great insight - what were they ?, how was the content on that page stuctured, what was different with those pages. Also were there any referes to that page, was the page recommended by another site ? - develope a relationship with them

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18. Should I use "site designed by" links?

Interestingly an agency gave me a call after May penguin (they did not realise about Penguin). Anyway they wondered why they werer steadily dropping. All the sites they designed had a link back to them but this was non optimised as in xyz dot com. But they had recently finished a site and added web design in town name by xyz dot com. That was the only anomily in an otherwise sparkling link profile. So i will say add the link but NOT optimised. If G ever announces that they are looking at these more closely then you can just add rel=nofollow ... job done

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19. What is your opinion of LogMyCalls or other call tracking services?

One of my hotel clients put this in place, each property would have a different number displayed, etc. About 3 months after it was installed our rankings started dropping and traffic decreased. I looked at everything and the only thing that had changed was installing the call tracking. I spoke to JM in a webmaster central hangout and he took a look and said the way it had been implemented should be OK - so back to square 1. I spent another month sifting through everything - nada After the 6 month trial the company decided that it was not of benefit and removed the tracking from site - Hey presto everything started returning to normal. So what I can say is this : Google offficially said it was OK and implemented correctly Personally my own personal feeling, something funky went wrong, and returned when it was removed. So... if you are going to use : Check the company out thoroughly Implement on site correctly Take it on a 6 month trial

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20. Should I be scared of lost sitewide links after a partnership with another website ended?

No Site wide links are not recommended unless they are "nofollow" so you are probably safer without them.

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21. How does Google Places handle multiple businesses on the same floor?

I think it will be OK if they have different Phone Numbers for verification. How does the post office deliver mail - surely there must be some segmentation, how does the company registration group their postal address. If there is no segmentation then it should be ok - BUT certainly different tel numbers.

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22. Thoughts to share about the Hummingbird update?

Personally i have seen some improvemets in my FAQ and Glossary pages increasing in the SERPS. I have also seen a bigger jump in WMT for question related search queries.

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23. What is the best way of removing bad social bookmarks placed by a old SEO company?

I think between WMT and Majestic, you should have most of the links. Have you asked the SEO company for the login details? sounds daft but it is the fastest way for removals. Obviously If they are still in existance they will have all the login details they used, even the automated systems store the login details, so they should have them?

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24. Is Bing keyword data of high value now?

It definatly gives you an idea on keywords and pages visited which can be translated across to G. I would say it is more or less the same, but of course visits from a keyword may be different to a page or not at all because of course the rankings for a term may differ. But in the world of (not provided) any indications to give an idea what terms provided traffic to pages is better then nothing

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25. How to tell if an SEO company is legit or dodgy?

Top Warning signals Guaranteed to get you #1 on Google Panda and Penguin safe linkbuilding We will build you monthly Link wheeel Link pyramid

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26. Do we still advocate using directory submission as a valid SEO tactic?

Yes, but niche ones related to your business, so get the words "decent service" out of your vocabulary There will more then likely be only 5 or 6 hyper relevant ones to any business.

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27. Im looking for mobile crawl errors in GWT for a particular site but there is no mobile/feature phone tab

Have you added a seperate sitemap for mobile urls ? - you need to

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28. Some of my sites have been penalized by a Google update.

Looking at the image i would say it may be links. The 1st one with 53 links coming from it, looks toxic to me and it is a directory, so even if not the problem i would still make an attempt to clean those up

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29. Is there a tool to find Penguin problems and how to recover?

With no message in WMT it can be tricky to diagnose. This tool can give a better understanding of what algo hit your site : http://www.barracuda-digital.co.uk/technology/panguin-tool/ Can see the screenshot either. Download your links from WMT and start working through them.

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30. I am looking to geo target a WordPress site, can anyone advise a good plugin for this?

You need to use href=lang for each country and of course provide tranlated versions of thses page for users to read in that country. No point showing an english page in china for example

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31. We are looking for tool that can make bulk check for website PR, DA, PA and Alexa?

Google has stated they are not updating PR anymore so forget about it. And Alexa well that is only depending on people wjo have the toolbar downloaded and visit a site. So also a waste of time. Apart from that try moz or seoquake

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32. Would you put locations into the title and H1 of EACH page?

At what point Google decides it is spammy - over 5, over 10 ? I would say you could get away with 5 but personally if i saw 10 pages structured like this, i would see spammy. Another way to think about this : Why not landing pages for the County New Builds in County1 Give an overview of the County H2 Town 1 in County Describe this town, customers in this town, areas within this town you have worked in. Then add a google map for this town. H2 Town 2 in County Describe this town, customers in this town, areas within this town you have worked in. Then add a google map for this town. Also make sure that this county is included within your Google Places (Google+ local) area that you cover. Nowadays localisation is about more than keywords in the page title. In the past you would need to do this, as that`s how localisation worked. Now it`s more about the website and company as a whole entity, rather than individual pages. I would include locations in only the Homepage page title, make sure that the company G Places page(s) are well optimised, include a G map on the contact page, and link back to your G Places page from the footer of the site. With these things in place you shouldn`t need to target the location on every page, leaving you more title space for other KW`s.

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33. Different results for our search even though we are 10 feet away.

This is a clear point on why "keywords" are becoming pretty imperfect. I would say that the only logical idea would be that they are picking up 2 different data centres. My other thought was "are these desktop or labtops" could one have been used say at home and the IP based search is beiging triggered based on previous IP. Then the question should be: How to tell Google to spread the best results throughout Quebec city ? The answer to this is to reinforce it on the clients site. Address in footer - linked to place page ( google+ local) Publisher tag attached - G+ business page to also have address listed Reinforce location with blog updates of latest projects. : Striped hanging curtains for Loft Apartment downtown Quebec ..... kind of thing

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34. Electrician does not appear as a category in Google Business Account

Further to my answer on the hangout, I have just checked a few electrician Google business pages and their category is Electrician. So it is there.

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