Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 68.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 68. Hangout On Air Video
00:01:14Is there any difference between www.abc.com and abc.com?
00:03:56Is there anything better than Screaming Frog in terms of value or functionality?
00:06:52What is the other way to get a Google ranking quick?
00:09:50What do you think about PDF submission for SEO?
00:12:32I don`t understand why I get daily traffic from bing/yahoo and no one from google.
00:18:42Would you share your SEO strategies with us?
00:24:04Claim ownership of a Google+Local page.
00:32:20Which Metrics are used by Google to measure quality?
00:34:49Google Webmaster Tools Questions. (GWMT).
00:40:53What to Do in 2014 to get Ranking?
00:46:38Will search engine rankings remain the same after I 301 permanent redirect through Google Webmaster Tools?
00:49:04Is there a way to update brand and company details across multiple sites?
00:52:06Google tells me to just add each city we service but I already know that`s wrong.
00:55:00Is it safe to exchange listings of our services with quality accommodation websites?
00:58:22What`s the name of a special Wordpress plugin which shows loading times for all installed plugins?
01:03:02Are conversions/activities after a clickthrough from SERPs good for SEO?
01:06:48Outing Black Hat SEO; Should we, or should we not?
01:44:22Does Google use its Page-speed tool to measure page speed for the purposes of search ranking?
01:48:04What has off-site SEO become, and how does it differ from social media marketing?
01:52:50How unique does the description and titles of each state`s page need to be from other state`s?
01:57:44How to target for both Netherlands and Belgium?
02:00:07Is Bookmarking good now or we should avoid this?
02:02:08What should you do if a bad/penalized site is linking to you on multiple 404 pages?
02:13:23Does anyone know if it`s good or bad to redirect alias domains to one main website?
02:15:46What things should you be aware of if you want to run a giveaway contest on Google+?
02:17:11How to run competitions on Google+.
02:21:08Does the order of meta tags affect ranking?
02:22:14I want to make the best of my Adword campaign.
02:25:47On Webmaster tools I`m getting an error "We do not detect any structured data on your site."
02:27:31What influence does Pinterest have on rankings?
02:28:31What is the differences between ww or www domain name?
02:30:18Submitting A Disavow File.
02:39:41A proven SEO service out there that can help me?
02:48:51Google Local Listing - same phone but moving to a new address.
02:55:29Schema is broken, and I don`t know what is wrong.
04:00:00Dave Elliott has a question. :)